by Krista Lee

My life has been seeming to go in an intense whirlwind recently. I returned to the NorthEast (from being in the SouthWest for 4 months) two days ago and it all happened very fast. I returned to GMC after being in Mass for one day visiting someone, and the campus is different than how I imagined it in a lot of ways. Both Green Mountain College and myself have changed over this past semester, and it is a reunion that will take an amount of time to really adjust. I look forward to moving to Burlington in a week and coming back to this beautiful place and college in August, after fully processing all that I have learned and experienced in Arizona. 

With friends on Moses Lawn yesterday



3 Comments Add yours

  1. From the images, I looks like you've had a great time


  2. KayakorCanoe says:

    Try this site, it may help you. Good luck!


  3. incehesap says:

    You must be enjoying


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