Transformative Semesters

by Krista Lee

This semester has been absolutely transformative and the impact of the beautiful and precious knowledge that has been shared with me from so many people in Tucson, specifically my two professors Sean and Anita has been overwhelmingly life changing. “A mirror was placed before the students in order for them to view themselves through a different lens, one that required them to think metaphorically, scientifically, and deeply” (Yolanda Chavez-Leyva). 

An excerpt from one of my final papers of the Tucson Social Justice Education Semester:

“While I usually am overwhelmingly external and extraverted…my semester in Arizona has been incredibly internal and reflective; this within itself was very transformative for me. I have learned and transformed through the thousands of pages of readings, the conversations, relationships, experiences, through watching others examples, and internal reflection. “In ways like bell hooks, we are present in the discourses of critical pedagogy while engaging in the ongoing reconceptualization and rethinking of traditional notions…” (Elenes, Alejandra C.,595). Through reflection I have been working to politicize my past thoughts and actions as to help with my framework for future organizing “…politicization of everyday life” (Krywanczyk, 79).  Not only for organizing but now having more of a framework to further politicize myself and how I interact with others and the world, and how others and the world interact with me.” 

My class with activist and artist Olmeca. Check out this new collaborative song that he was a part of!



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