The FIFA World Cup

  By: Matthias Baudinet On the 12th of June 2014 the FIFA World Cup once again stole the attention of billions of people across the globe. Including myself, many who have a passion for soccer lose themselves completely into the excitement and drama of the competition. Everyday is planned around the matches that are happening and … More The FIFA World Cup

Quick Visits

by Krista Lee I took the Megabus home this past week for a few days for my little sister’s high school graduation! It was so nice to see the people I love and get to see them in person. Seeing her graduate was beautiful and I may have cried a bit! The night before her … More Quick Visits


by Krista Lee Living in Burlington has been an incredible experience and several weeks ago I got a job here as a subsitute pre-school teacher! Being a subsitute preschool teacher has been an incredible experience so far, and I am learning so much from the very intentional school environment at this preschool. It is such … More Preschool

Health Hazards & Desk Jobs – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Today at the office, my boss Yin-Chu Jou (an international and NYC based concert pianist) told me that after three and a half years working in this job she had to get glasses because of how damaged her eyes became from looking at a computer screen for seven and a half hours each day. This … More Health Hazards & Desk Jobs – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Independent Study

  By: Matthias Baudinet      Academics at Green Mountain College are not like your typical liberal arts school. The Environmental Liberal Arts curriculum are evidence of that. Green Mountain College also offers Independent Study classes for students who wish to learn more about a specific subject. Granted, Independent Studies are common in many other … More Independent Study


by Krista Lee This post is specifically meant for femme bodied folks…but it is good to learn about for everyone! You are probably getting ready to come to GMC! YAY! As you already know, Green Mountain is a school dedicated to environmental education. There are many personal sustainable choices that you can make…and I am … More Sustainability!

Senior Year

    After three memorable and eventful years at Green Mountain College, I am finally a senior at the school that I love so much. I remember the day when I turned in my application to Green Mountain College. All of that stress, joy, and anticipation of going to college filled my head as I was … More Senior Year