Senior Year

    After three memorable and eventful years at Green Mountain College, I am finally a senior at the school that I love so much. I remember the day when I turned in my application to Green Mountain College. All of that stress, joy, and anticipation of going to college filled my head as I was a senior in high school. Once I graduated from my high school, I could wait to start my college journey in Vermont. I had never been to Vermont before, so I was entering a whole new world–and I was excited to do so.

    Already knowing that I would study history at Green Mountain College, I did not waste much time quarreling with myself over whether or not that is a good major to pursue. History is my passion, and so I decided to dedicated four years of college work to expand my knowledge in history.

    Though the history major is a small one at Green Mountain college, the faculty that belong to the department are world class. Professors Tom Williams, Matt Osborn, Maryjane Maxwell, and Andrew Duffin helped me better my writing skills, my historical interpretation skills, and be a better historian. Though not all of these professors will be there with my for my final year at GMC, they all played a crucial part in my academic endeavors.


    Last year I completed my history seminar class which is my cap-stone class for the history major. After completing that 35 page history essay on the World War I journals of my great-grandfather, I have come to truly love historical primary sources research.

    For my senior year I will be taking an independent study on the French Revolution with Matt Osborn. As well as a few electives that happen to be history classes as well. History at Green Mountain College is a major that supports and pushes for independent thinking, responsibility, rigor, passion, and debating skills. I thank Green Mountain College and the history faculty at the school for making my history education a great one. I look forward to my senior year with great anticipation!


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