NYC Update! By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

As I’ve been in Manhattan for just over two weeks now- I’m beginning to adjust. My commute to work is becoming tedious but normal and while I’ve gotten lost almost every time I’ve come home from a new catering job- I’m learning multiple new routes! Speaking of catering, I have officially been doing a lot of it, all over the city and with a handful of companies! I’ve been catering for million-dollar weddings, bar-mitzvahs, house parties, readings, awards ceremonies and even a Broadway musical Opening this coming Thursday for the new show dedicated to Tupac’s music and life-story. While I’ve had the privilege of working with many of my family members who are also in the catering business during this time- I’ve had some shocking experiences and views of all sorts of people within the city: rich and poor, young and old, intelligent and creatively  questionable- you name it. I’m in awe of how money oriented people are in this city and granted, in this world. Living in my small bubbles of Woodstock, Upstate NY and Poultney VT- I am constantly forgetting how prevalent money is to the vast majority of the world. 
I don’t mean to sound ignorant, I understand that money is a fundamental part of surviving and thriving in this society, but that isn’t what I’m referring to now. I’m referencing an entire body of people who are so totally absorbed within this mentality that their entire lives seem to orbit around the dollar sign, which in Manhattan, always holds more value. One of the most important things in NYC is cultural capital; even to be involved in a high-end catering company, one must still have the right connections. Because NYC holds so much and often contains the best of the best, in relation to performers, business people, chefs, etc- the competition for almost anything here is outrageous. I think that had I come to college in NYC I may have lost my mind trying to juggle a social life, grades, work, navigation and on top of that trying to determine who I was/am. However, on the flip side of this, it is said that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. And after living here for only two weeks, I’m starting to believe it. I don’t like this fact but I truly am adjusting and becoming more comfortable living within the chaos and stress of the hustle and bustle here. I don’t feel like I need to pass out at the end of each day like I had originally and I’m even beginning to feel more adventurous about exploring and not caring whether or not I get lost on the way. 

Currently, at my internship, I have been contacting the UN Missions throughout the world and learning about their embassies and delegates so as to apply for funding or media coverage for our festivals and upcoming Youth Assemblies! Exciting stuff. More soon!



One thought on “NYC Update! By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

  1. Going into the catering business requires a lot of hard work and dedication, as shown by the post above. Getting adjusted to life in a big city such as New York City can be hard in general, but adjusting to working in catering in such a big city can also be tricky, as you have to learn how to navigate such a big city efficiently in order to perform your job well. Learning the quickest routes and shortcuts can definitely help with this, and doing so just takes time and practice.


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