by Krista Lee

Living in Burlington has been an incredible experience and several weeks ago I got a job here as a subsitute pre-school teacher! Being a subsitute preschool teacher has been an incredible experience so far, and I am learning so much from the very intentional school environment at this preschool. It is such a rewarding experience getting to work with teachers and learn from them. The preschool is for kids ages between six weeks and five years old, and it is special getting to work with all the different classrooms and meeting all the kids. I have been working a bunch because it is summer and many teachers are taking some vacation time. I couldn’t be more grateful to have this opportunity and I love being in the classroom and learning with and from the kids. 

“At Burlington Children’s Space, we believe that young children thrive when their learning is cultivated within a stimulating and nurturing environment that takes into consideration the “whole” child. Family, culture, socioeconomic background and developmental stage are all integral parts of each child and should be welcomed as integrated parts of a rich environment. We strive to create a sense of community for our children within the Center and help them feel a part of the larger community they live in as well. Children are competent learners. We respect and value their curiosity, their social nature, their purposeful inquiries and their incredible perseverance. We believe that children will demonstrate their own complex and meaningful agendas for learning as they all possess a natural desire to challenge themselves and embrace new experiences. We believe in positive language, active problem solving, appropriate limits and positive consequences for desired behavior and we strive to model these ideas within empathetic and caring classrooms. Finally, we believe in the power of love and acceptance and that we have as much to learn from young children as they have to learn from us. BCS is dedicated to serving all populations and tuition is based on a sliding scale.” –

I know that long after this summer ends, I will always carry with me all that I am learning from this incredible school. Being a subsitute preschool teacher is the best job that I could have ever asked for this summer!


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