Country Music

By: Matthias Baudinet
     After living for a few years in Florida, I have become acquainted with country music. I had never before heard or heard of country music before coming to the USA. Though American music is exported to many places around the world, country music is one of those genres that doesn’t really make it far beyond the American borders. Even after my first year in the USA, I felt odd when I heard country music or saw people listening to it. I had no idea what the appeal was in that type of music. I certainly did not like to listen to it. I also even tried to stay away from people who listened to it, because not only did they listen to bizarre music, but they also dressed bizarrely as well. 
     Shortly after adjusting to the culture in Florida, I started to feel more at ease when listening to country music, or when I saw people who listened to country or dressed “country.” Once I got the job that I currently have in Lake Placid, FL, I really got to experience country lifestyle. I visited not only central Florida, but also Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. I got to experience a part of American culture that I did not see or experienced in Vermont. At first I was taken back by this difference in culture, but I soon found that Southern culture was very hospitable, charming, and traditional. 
     Since then, I have met so many awesome people who have become some of my closest friends. And though we might not always agree when it comes to politics, we still manage to have a good time and learn from each other in so many ways. The people that I have met because of listening to more country music has allowed to me to try so many new things such as fishing, hunting, shotgun shooting, mudding, square dancing, atv riding, air boat riding, etc. These are things that I would never have the opportunity to do in France, and so I am very thankful that I have gotten to do all those things.
     Now, I listen to country and folk music a lot more, and I can honestly say that I have grown fond of it. I have bought country music albums from recently discovered country music artists, and I have even gone to country music concerts. Country music has brought me closer to so many people, and I love that!



2 thoughts on “Country Music

  1. An interesting read for any person who would agree with your views.I curious more interest in some of them hope you will give more information on this topics in your next articles


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