Buying College Textbooks

  By: Matthias Baudinet
     Every start of a semester is exciting for any college student. For first years, the anticipated start of a new chapter in one’s life, while also feeling both nervous and happy! For sophomores, juniors, seniors, the need to see old friends and make more unforgettable memories. For me however, I always look forward to buying my college textbooks for my classes. Some may call this odd, but as a college student who values academia and learning about things that I am passionate about makes me excited to buy the books that I will be using all semester.
     Of course, the price of those books are usually very expensive and once you start adding up all the prices of all the books you have to buy, you sort of get a nasty frown on your face asking yourself, “how can I afford all of this?” Nevertheless, you always manage to find a way to pay for them, and once you have that figured out, it is always a beautiful thing to go to a bookshop, or shop online and find the books that you need…or at least, that’s how I feel about it.
     Being a history major, I always look forward to seeing what types of books my professors are requiring me to have for the semester. There is nothing more satisfying than  discovering a new book that you have never heard of before and end up loving the book so much. I have had that happen to me on numerous occasions while attending Green Mountain College. 
     As the start of the fall semester 2014 comes around, I am getting ready to buy the books that I need for all my classes, and it is such an exciting feeling! I have a lot of books that I will need to buy, so the price will be heartbreaking once I add up all the books, but in the end it is worth it, because you cannot put a price on education. And, if you actually read and study books like you should for your classes, you will come out of that semester much more knowledgeable. 
     To everyone on vacation whether here in the USA, or abroad somewhere, I wish you the very best of times! Have a blast and I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Poultney once the semester starts.



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