Cherry Grove to Ithaca to GMC & back to NYC – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman



Over the past week and a half my life has been extremely busy. I had the opportunity to go to Fire Island with my uncle and fellow Green Mountain College student Keith Torrico for a weekend, which was so lovely. Between unbelievable sunsets, nude beaches, and great food, it was a fabulous time- until unfortunately I stepped on a rusty nail on the boardwalk and ripped my foot open- heading home the next day for treatment! 

While in recovery, I spent a little time upstate with my mom and had the chance to visit a local farm near our house in Red Hook, NY called Griegs Farm. We went blueberry picking there and returned home with two huge buckets full- equaling twelve entire poudns of fresh, pesticide-free blueberries!

Then on my trip- I drove to Ithaca, NY with two of my best friends from home, Sage and Katie. We roadtripped from Woodstock to our friends house in Downtown Ithaca where we stayed/as well as camped for the 5 day long Grassroots Music Festival where we worked as cashiers for free tickets. One of my favorite bands these days was one of their headliners- ‘Lake Street Dive’, definitely check them out if you have a moment!


Next on the agenda: Poultney, VT! Good ol’ Green Mountain. Sage just moved to Burlington, VT so GMC was on her way- just perfect enough for me to hitch on board and catch a ride to visit Keith and Bella during the last stretch of their time during the agriculture and farm intensive. 

I helped Bella bake chocolate zuchini bread and blueberrie scones and played with the young ones who were around for the ‘Farm and Friends’ workshop for little kids, and when Keith got out of class, we took a hike to the Lewis Deane’s Nature Preserve and went wild-crafting for chanterelle mushrooms, where we found handfuls and went home to cook with!
Back in the city- I helped Julia Aviles (former GMC student and now graduate) with some photography projects she had in mind for the city- and then went to see the broadway show ‘Of Mice and Men’- where I met my celebrity idol, Leighton Meester (Curly’s wife in the show). An amazing performance and a screaming crowd made for a memorable night. 

After a wonderful, yet exhausting time, it’s good to be back in the city. Work has become much more intense as I’ve just been put in charge of all of the main events at night during the Youth Assembly at the UN in two weeks- so much planning for the opening gala, culture night, cruise ship on the hudson! More soon.


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