My region: Alsace-Lorraine


By: Matthias Baudinet

     As I get ready to go back to Vermont to start my senior year of college, I think back about my home province in France. Of course, I have already left France this summer and I am currently in Florida. When I left France this summer to come to Florida it was a very sad moment, because I knew that I would have to wait a year until I go back since I am not going back for Christmas holiday this year. As I said my goodbyes to my family, I also said goodbye to Alsace-Lorraine.

      Alsace-Lorraine are two regions in the Northeast of France. Right on the border of Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, these two regions are often paired together because of their common history and heritage. This province has a rich and violent history.

     This region is rich in agriculture, especially wine, cheese, beef, and apricots. It is a relatively cool region with an annual high of only about 73 degrees, but has cold winters with temperatures that can drop in the negatives. Beautiful and ancient castles populate the countryside, along with sunflower fields and poppy fields.


     Wars have devastated this region throughout history. The region of Alsace-Lorraine used to be an independent duchy, with French and German influences, but its own language, culture, and monarch. In the 1500s, the region fell under French control and remained so until 1871 when the Germans took control of it, until the French won it back in 1918. The Germans took the region back in 1940, and the French won it back again in 1945. Cemeteries and graveyards of the soldiers lost during these conflicts can be found all over the region.

     The region also is known for its magical, and fantasy like villages. Some of these villages date back to the middle ages with houses that were built in the 1000s-1400s. The villagers have done a great job at keping their villages a secret to try and keep millions of tourists from flooding in, because French villagers are not particularly fond of tourists.

      Every time I go back to my home region I think about how lucky I am to have been born and lived in such a beautiful part of the world. Filled with history with every step you take, every morning walk or evening stroll is an adventure in Alsace-Lorraine. The calm and tranquil lifestyle of the region is what makes it so attracting to many, including myself. People always have a smile on their faces, and everyone knows each other.

     Though I am excited to start my senior year of high school, I am also very excited to come back to this beautiful place next summer. I hope everyone enjoyed this short presentation of my home in France.


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