Senior Year


By: Matthias Baudinet

     Two days ago, I arrived on the Green Mountain College campus to start my last fall semester as an undergraduate. As my friend’s mother was driving me from New Hampshire to Poultney, Vermont, all I could think about while sitting in that car was that this will be my last school year at the school that I have come to love so much. Of course, that thought made me sad, but the thought of ending my undergraduate schooling at a place like GMC also made me excited. Plus, I cannot wait to graduate and direct my life in the way that I want to go.

      I came back early to get RA training prepared with the Residence Life staff here at GMC. As I await my colleagues I keep myself busy with random tasks that my supervisor assigns to me, and I also get things ready for my academic semester to start. I figure I might as well enjoy the free time that I have right now, because I know I won’t be having so much free time once RA training commences and once the semester gets underway.

     I now live in Cree, which is the third residence hall that I have lived in since I started college at GMC. First, I lived on Moses 2nd, and then North 1st where I was the RA of that floor. I am excited to live in Cree because I have a lot of friends who decided to live in that residence hall. Plus, my room has an awesome view of the soccer field and the Poultney River!

     Though senior year has not yet started, I know that it will be over before I know it, and that graduation day is closer that it appears. This does not frighten me however, because I know what I want in my life, and Green Mountain has helped me develop skills that will get me far in the endeavors that I will pursue.

     Though it is a rainy day outside at the moment, I am still in an awesome mood, because after all, its my senior year! Memories and friends will be made, while also rocking my classes and finishing my career at Green Mountain with a bang. I could not be more ready to start my life and leave my trace in this world.

     -“What we do in life, echoes in eternity.”


5 thoughts on “Senior Year

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