Youth Assembly @ the UN Photos- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Above this blog- I will write about my final period of time working for the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and my work as their Artistic Coordinator and Director. Here is a photo journal to accompany and explain that post.

(this is myself and my team of interns at the main UN conference room that was used for our youth assembly)

(this is the UN on 47th st and 1st ave)

(these are the 18 chinese delegates that I was in charge of navigating through NYC for the week long event of the YA, here we are at the permanent mission of Russia in NYC)

(this is myself and three other american delegates from california and the washinton scholars foundation in the UN security council)

(this was the performance of an eritrean folk dancer, taken from behind the scenes of culture night during the YA at columbia university)

(these are a few of my fellow interns behind the scenes of the YA)

(these are the chinese delegates that I was in charge of navigating through NYC for the week long event of the YA right before we went in for our morning conference session)

(this was with the broadway cast of the dance show iLuminate, which we took many of our delegates to see post the YA)

(this was a picture taking after the YA at our culminating staff beach day in greenwich, ct)

(these are a few of the company members from the Vanaver Caravan dance institute, performing at the YA gala night)

(this was on our final cruise ship on the hudson during our last night of the YA)

(& this was the view from the cruise!) 


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  1. Junaid says:

    Very beautiful photos of different places. Ambassadors Foundation is a very good foundation and very well supported by the UN.


  2. Claudette says:

    I don’t know but pictures that you posted in this post doesn’t show up. Please fix it as I love to see pics of cruise. And I posted some at


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