Heartwarming GMC


By: Matthias Baudinet

     After arriving a few days ago in Poultney, I have found myself back at my second home. When I first came to Green Mountain College in the fall of 2011, I knew that it would be the start of a new adventure for me, but I never knew that I would enjoy this adventure as much as I have in the past 3 years. The place itself is beautiful and charming, but what makes it so special for me are the people that belong to the GMC community.

     Even with only about 30 people on campus (RAs and summer workers), I already feel a comforting warmth in my heart–the same warmth that I first felt when I stepped foot on the campus for the first time three years ago. The type of people that GMC attracts are so unique and dynamic that it only takes 30 people to make the campus feel like home.


     As I took a walk along the banks of the Poultney river, I realized that the atmosphere alone can make you feel better as soon as you step outside here. Reuniting with old friends that I have not seen in a couple months has the ability to make my day an awesome one. Catching up, telling each other stories about adventures we had over the summer, chatting about romantic experiences we had over the summer, and sharing what we are most excited about for this upcoming year, while sitting outside in the Vermont sun is one of the most beautiful experiences I have had while at Green Mountain.

     With RA training in full swing, the other RAs and I have bonded with each other well, but most of all we all can’t wait for the new and returning students to come back! It is always a pleasure to meet new Green Mountain students and hear about what attracted them to the school, and find out cool, awesome things about so many different individuals. Learning about so many things, trying different things from so many different cultures and upbringings, and meeting one-of-a-kind people are the things that makes Green Mountain College such a heartwarming place.


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