New Student Orientation


By: Matthias Baudinet

     Yesterday (August 30th), the new student orientation began. Tons of incoming freshman and transfer students arrived on campus to finally move into college. Families came from all over the United States as well as the world to drop their student off at the school. Being a resident assistant, I helped new students check into their room, and introduce all of the students to each other. I met some wonderful people who seemed very excited to become part of the GMC family.

      Starting at 7am, the resident assistants and the orientation leaders were up and about all over campus preparing everything for the start of check in. It was wonderful to see so many Green Mountain students dedicated to making the start of a new GMC student’s experience an amazing one.

     The other RAs and I were running back and forth from the residence halls bring one family at a time to their son or daughter’s room in one of the residence halls. Having that initial interaction with the student and their family was a great privilege for me. I got to meet and introduce myself to the new students and be among the first people that they see at the school. Plus, also being a tour guide for the Admissions Office, I got to see many students that I gave a tour to last semester. It is a great feeling when I see someone arrive on campus that I gave a campus visit to.

     Later on in ther afternoon I led some icebreakers with a group of new students. It was great fun to learn a lot more about some new students, and help break that sometimes awkward ice that can prevent students from talking to one another.  

    The students were all very friendly to one another and got along very well. We then got to listen to some of the school’s administrators in Ackley Theater where the new students were officially welcomed by the administration. The new students were then finally able to meet most of their floormates in their residence halls in a meeting led by their RA. “Sex and Chocolate,” an informational session on sex and sexual assault was next on the schedule for the new students. Finally, students got to see the extremely funny new student orientation play, which caused many students to roll out of their seats laughing!

     With only two days left until classes start, it is safe to say that most students here are very excited to get the semester going.


6 thoughts on “New Student Orientation

  1. It is that time again when we have to welcome fresh men and women to our campus. The article is an in depth analysis of the activity the day the process for the beginners. Unfortunately in life everything has a beginning and an end soon our colleagues will be big and will embrace the campus and adapt and sooner they will be graduating or they will be in the final year like us. I wish them the best.


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