Slow Food Club

by Krista Lee This past Sunday, GMC students gathered in the farmhouse to make hot pepper jelly. This was one of the first meetings of the semester for Slow Food, a popular club on campus. Slow Food is a famous club at GMC, partially due to the infamous Nude Food Calender that the club creates! … More Slow Food Club

Intramural Sports at GMC

By: Matthias Baudinet       Recently, the Residence Life Office here at Green Mountain College has taken over the intramural sports event planning. Being a part-time worker in Residence Life, I believe that it is important for GMC students to know about intramural opportunities for students who are interested in participating in some of these … More Intramural Sports at GMC

Consent Play & Discussion

by Krista Lee On Thursday September 18th a little over 100 GMC students gathered in the Gorge to join a conversation about consent. This conversation included a student-led and student-produced play followed by a discussion. The night addressed topics of consent, sexual assault, and communication in an interactive way! Annie Tuthill recorded the performance of the play for us, and … More Consent Play & Discussion

Peoples Climate March

by Krista Lee Nearly 100 Green Mountain College students gathered to go to the Peoples Climate March in New York City yesterday. We marched with over 400,000 other people demanding climate justice. The Peoples Climate March was on Sunday September 21st, followed by Flood Wall Street on Monday Septemebr 22nd. This march, followed by a … More Peoples Climate March

“Selfie” perpetuates Neoliberalism? – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Generally I’ve found that people in America don’t take life seriously enough until you bring death into the equation. I’ve also found that as Americans, we like to use the phrase “fight” when referencing almost anything. We fight wars, we fight for freedom, we fight cancer – the concept of doing something without violence is … More “Selfie” perpetuates Neoliberalism? – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Animal Policy

by Krista Lee   Maggie Ganguly-Kiefner is Junior at Green Mountain College studying Sociology and Anthropology. She is the person who brought the Animal Policy to campus and paved the way for students to have access to Emotional Support Animals. “Emotional Support Animals are companion animals that provides therapeutic benefit, such as alleviating or mitigating … More Animal Policy