Peoples Climate March

by Krista Lee

Nearly 100 Green Mountain College students gathered to go to the Peoples Climate March in New York City yesterday. We marched with over 400,000 other people demanding climate justice. The Peoples Climate March was on Sunday September 21st, followed by Flood Wall Street on Monday Septemebr 22nd. This march, followed by a day of action, is in response to the UN Climate Summit Meeting in NYC on September 23rd. 

Make sure to keep updated with the UN Climate Summit meeting as we demand climate justice as well as social, political, and economic justice and equality for all.

Check out for more pictures.


“The people united will never be defeated. I was one of 400,000+ people that marched in NYC yesterday for climate justice. It’s an all encompassing issue that to solve needs reform socially, economically, politically, and environmentally. This is what democracy looks like. Help this movement gain even more momentum by being an aware, informed, and involved citizen. Awesome things like this can happen! It’s just the beginning.” -Carley McEnery


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