Intramural Sports at GMC

By: Matthias Baudinet 

     Recently, the Residence Life Office here at Green Mountain College has taken over the intramural sports event planning. Being a part-time worker in Residence Life, I believe that it is important for GMC students to know about intramural opportunities for students who are interested in participating in some of these sports, or simply want to know more information about joining an intramural sports team. 

     Andrew Ratcliffe, a community director in the Residence Life Office is in charge of organizing intramural sporting events for students. He is a very sporty person who is extremely passionate in organizing and planning intramural sporting events. Right now he is working on starting the intramural handball tournament which will go through the month of October. 

     There will be a table outside the chartwells dining hall on October 6th during lunch. The table will have information for students who are interested to see what sports and activities will possibly be planned for students. There will also be registration information available for students who want to register on the spot. If you are interested in registering for intramural sports but cannot stop by the table during lunch, you can go on the Green Mountain Athletic’s webpage and look under the intramural section to register online. 

     Also, on October 14th there will be a meeting for all potential and registered intramural sports participants to discuss times to plan games, go over rules, discuss team set ups, competing for the Intramural Cup, and ideas for future intramural events. For handball, the teams can consist up to 7 players. Last year, handball was very popular among many students. Dodgeball was another popular one. Hopefully there will be a good number of students who will be active and participating in the handball tournament. 

     If you want more information about the handball tournament or intramural sports in general, you can contact Andrew Ratcliffe at or stop by his office in Res Life if you have any questions.


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