Lyman Movie Night

by Krista Lee

Students gathered in Lyman for a movie night last week. The movie night was organized as a Lyman-hosted event that was open to the whole campus, and community director Codie Tedford did a lot of awesome planning to make it happen.  Between all four movies that were shown about thirty students came to Lyman and enjoyed the company of others, popcorn, and chocolate chip cookies.

The movie that I attended, and one of my favorite movies, was Fruitvale Station. This is a movie about the story of Oscar Grant, who was a 22 year old Black man who was murdered by the police. Oscar Grant was killed at Fruitvale Station on New Years Day 2009. He was unarmed and his murder was filmed on peoples cell phones and video cameras from the train, and this sparked protests around the country. The actual footage of the murder of Oscar Grant is the opening scene of Fruitvale Station. This movie helped bring the current political climate to Green Mountain College in reference to what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri and the issue of police brutality and violence that is perpetuated onto communities of color on daily basis. On October 13, 2014 Cornell West and others were arrested for participating in a nonviolent protest in Ferguson protesting the death of Michael Brown, which took place two months ago on August 9, 2014. Michael Brown was fatally shot six times by white police office Darren Wilson, Brown was unarmed and had his hands over his head raised when officer Wilson killed him.

This semester will be filled with other documentary screenings, and we strongly encourage students to show up. These issues need to be brought to the forefront of our attention and conversations with friends and in classes. Reading news coverage and following the topic of police brutality is crucial to living in a community that is aware and politically minded.

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