Time’s Up, Rise Up! Rally and Sit-In for Climate Justice

By Krista Lee

On Monday October 27th folks from all over the state of Vermont will come together in Montpelier to rally against the VT Fracked Gas Pipeline. The Vermont Fracked Gas Pipeline is a pipeline that is threatening the state and is incredibly dangerous to the health of everyone in the state and beyond. Eminent Domain is threatening the land of landowners in the state, as well as farmers.  

“We’ve reached the end of our rope with Vermont’s broken utility regulatory process,” said Jane Palmer, a small farmer and landowner in Monkton, who has been involved in a legal battle with Vermont Gas for over two years to keep the pipeline off her property and out of the state, “The Board is ignoring the facts. The whole process is broken and rigged to get Vermont Gas the result it wants. The Board is giving Vermont Gas carte blanche to do and spend whatever they want, while ignoring the concerns of the larger community.”

There will be a Mass Rally and Sit-In that GMC students are encouraged to sign up to attend! This is the place that we have chosen to call home for our college career, and it is a state that we have to help protect from extraction that will end up polluting and threatening both the environment and people that live here and in the surrounding areas. This will directly confront the Shumlin administration who is continuing to support this project, and the Public Service Board who has been acting in the interest of Vermont Gas and not listening to the voices of Vermont residents.

As students at a small environmental liberal arts college it is our responsibility to take our learning out of the classroom and take a stand on this important issue.

“The coalition is also concerned that this project doesn’t offer a long-term solution for families struggling to pay their heating bills.  “As a mother of two and a provider in my Addison County community, I know natural gas cannot address the reasons why members of our communities struggle to pay their energy bills,” said Bridport resident Amanda Sheppard of the Vermont Workers’ Center. “Just as healthcare is a right, so is a healthy environment and a warm home.  And businesses thirsting for the cheapest available energy cannot provide a healthy, stable and fair economy for Vermont’s working families.”

“Ninety businesses and dozens of farmers signed letters opposing the fracked gas pipeline. Religious leaders have spoken out, and hundreds of letters have been published in the press in opposition to what many are calling a short-sighted project that is undermining the democratic process in the state.” –Rising Tide (see link below to read more)

Activism@GMC is coordinating GMC people to get to this event. Email shugartk@greenmtn.edu if you are interested in going!


*Photo of Jane & Nate Palmer above from the meeting with the Public Service Board (PSB) & the other picture is from the meeting as well.  At this meeting Jane & Nate testified against VT Gas, along with environmental lawyers and people representing and working to protect the environment, animals, and people in the state from this pipeline. Despite this meeting the PSB refused to reopen the certificate of public good, thus siding with VT Gas and corporate interests.


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