A Very Au Natural Weekend

By: Natalie House

It’s that time of year again! If you were around Cerridwen Farm this weekend, you probably ate some delicous homemade soup and drank freshly pressed cider in celebration of GMC’s annual Welsh Harvest Festival. What you may not have witnessed was this year’s “Nude Food” photo shoot. Despite the chilly weather, returning and new students were determined to continue on the nude food legacy started years ago by the Slow Food club on campus. The shoot typically involves vegetables, students….and not much else!

The nude food shoot constitutes a moment for the embracing of bodies through beautiful photographs that showcase our connections with the land around us. This year, students posed with vegetables, milk jugs, hay, tractors, pumpkins – even chickens! Over 100 photos were taken, and the club hopes to take more next weekend! 12 of the photographs taken will star in a one-of-a-kind calender that students can save as a souvenir or give away as gifts.

You might be asking, “but what’s the significance in stripping naked and holding fall produce anyway?” Well, for starters, the concept of slow food comes from the notion that food brings people together. It also revolves around the belief that food should be eaten seasonally and locally. In essence, slow food is literally the opposite of fast food. Promoting education around agriculture and local food looks like a lot of things to different students. But, really, what’s more fun then getting naked and eating great food?

There will be another shoot next weekend – stay tuned! You can RSVP to the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/380454822112248


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