Freshman Impressions: Cody Bradshaw


By: Matthias Baudinet

This past weekend I had the pleasure of conducting a short interview with Freshman Cody Bradshaw. For the next two weeks I will be chatting with different Freshman and getting their insights on how their first couple of weeks at GMC went.

      Below is the short interview conducted with Cody:

Cody with his father


What was your initial reaction when you first arrived on campus?

-“During my first couple days of classes I found that while the classes are really small, I figured out how beneficial that really is. I also did not expect the workload to be that heavy. I was bit overwhelmed as first. In regards to the rooms, I did not expect them to be that big. I’m so happy that I have such a large room. I also was welcomed by my wonderful RA. She was a great help in bringing together the people on our floor to create a great community.”

How were your first couple of weeks here at GMC?

-“I found people to be very nice right off the bat. People were very friendly. Again, going to back to the workload, it was a lot more than what I thought it would be. It took me some time to manage my time to finish all my work, but I think that I got it figured out now. I also think that my adjustment to college social life was a lot quicker than a lot of my freshman peers. Also, I found the professors to be very welcoming, caring, and passionately interested in my academic success.”

How would you describe the ideal Green Mountain College student?

-“I would say that the ideal GMC student is an activists, a person who has managed the perfect balance between social life and academic life. Someone who has the passion behind what they are studying, and are willing to go out of their way and comfort zones to educate themselves.”

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