Punk Hits Poultney

By: Natalie House

 Last night, the coffee house was packed for it’s first ever punk show. A touring band from Ontario called “Dirty Kills” played some songs off of their album “Stoved In.” Student artists also played music, including GMC students Jake Jemas (aka “Jemas Joplin”), Hayden Smith, and Will Morse (aka “Charavari”). You can listen to two out of the 3 bands on bandcamp: https://dirtykills.bandcamp.com/ & https://chari.bandcamp.com/

Students took a much needed break from homework to come gather at the coffee house, listen to the bands play, and enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches and hot drinks. The coffee house hosts events frequently thanks to student organizers who assist in scheduling performances. In addition to hosting touring bands, the coffee house also puts on karaoke nights, dance parties, art galas, movie nights, and serves as a cozy space for holding meetings and doing homework.

The coffee house is student-run and staffed, which makes it a unique spot on campus. It’s open late at night, which makes it a convenient place to grab a snack or hang out. Sophomore Maggie Parson visits the coffee house frequently. She sums up her love of the space — “good vibes, good times.”

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