Freshman Impressions: Mollie O’Hara

By: Matthias Baudinet

This week I interviewed Mollie O’Hara from Massachusetts. Mollie was on the women’s varsity soccer team this season, and is person full of kindness, passion, and humor. Mollie is a good friend of mine, and she always seems to know how to make people laugh no matter how sad or upset they are.


Here is the short interview:

What was your initial reaction when you first arrived on campus?
-“At first, I was unsure of what was to come. Everyone seemed very friendly and welcoming however, and that reassured me greatly. I realized that I had to put myself out there, which was something that I wanted to do, but that felt very nerve-wracking to me.”

How were your first couple of weeks here at GMC?
-“My first week was hard and difficult. I kind of was struggling both socially and academically, but that was normal. My second week was a lot better. I got into the routine of things. Soccer was in full swing, and I became friends with a lot more people. In my third week I finally figured out how to make the most of my time here at GMC. I developed more friendships, got into the groove of college life and felt at ease.”

How would you describe the ideal Green Mountain College student?
-“I would say that they are their own person. They are not quick to judge others by their appearance and they tend to be very open-minded. Compared to my high school, the typical GMC student is very welcoming and usually does not fulfill stereotypes. Depending on what they study, they are also very committed and passionate about their academics and are active on campus and off campus in events or activities regarding their major/interests.”


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