Freshman Impressions: Miranda Bailey-Russomano

By: Matthias Baudinet

      For my last and final “Freshman Impressions” piece I conducted a short interview with Miranda Bailey-Russomano. Miranda is a freshman from Bridgeport, Connecticut and has a strong academic interest in women’s studies. She is also very interested in adventure recreation and feminism. Miranda is part of a large freshman class that is very diverse, which will only add to the positive diversity and the myriad of cultures found here at Green Mountain that make our school so unique. 

Here is the short interview:

1. What was your initial reaction when you first arrived on campus?

– “I was really excited about starting my college career and opening a new chapter in my life. I had signed up for the wilderness challenge, so I was really excited about that. My roommate and I had contacted each other over the break and I was so happy that I would finally meet her. I felt a sense of independence that I never had before, and I knew that I was about to experience things that I had never experienced before.”

2. How were your first couple of weeks here at GMC?

-“They were good and interesting. I kind of didn’t really know what to expect, but I was very excited. Overall, everything went smoothly and I got the chance to slowly get into the groove of things on campus. I very quickly became good friends with my roommate and a lot of people on my floor. The friends that I now have on my floor really have helped me feel comfortable at the school.”

3. How would you describe the ideal Green Mountain student?

-“I would describe that person as really open-minded. They would like to hang-out with friends a lot and overall are very friendly. The typical GMC student is always very accepting and kind. They really try to treat each other with respect, and you always know that they [friends] can be there to help you with anything. My roommate, Rhiannon, would be a perfect example of the ideal GMC student. Even though she is only a freshman, she embodies all the things that I already said and has all the attributes that I think the typical GMC student has. She is just awesome!” 


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