Who’s behind #Greenmtncollective?

by Natalie House


For their Delicate Balance Project, students Russell Stone and Daniel Schechner have created an outlet for folks to share their photography on one platform. The “Green Mountain College Collective” uses the hashtag #greenmtncollective on Instagram to create a dymanic album of work by students and members of the greater Poultney area.

“Originally Daniel and I were planning on having the Green Mountain College Collective the title for a photo and short writing book. Now the Green Mountain College Collective has become a website and Instagram where students can share their experience of Green Mountain College through their photography.” -Russell

On their website, Stone and Schechner write, “we strive to highlight the talent of emerging artists, students and alumni alike in the Poultney Vermont community. By sharing these images, students get a better sense of life at Green Mountain College through the eyes of it’s students.”

Students can submit their photos by emailing them to greenmtncollective@gmail.com or by hashtagging their photos with the #greenmtncollective hashtag on Instagram. The current website is www.greenmtncollective.wix.com/greenmtncollective but the domain will soon be changing to www.greenmtncollective.com.


Below are some snapshots from this collaborative social media project.








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