Annie’s Super Helpful Tips For Surviving Finals

So, it is almost that time of the semester again when sweatpants become a integral part of your outfit and mental breaks are scarily frequent; that’s right folks, it is almost finals time. Although finals are almost always stressful and terrible, there are ways to make it better. 

So, I give you my ten tips on how to survive finals.


1. Invest in a french press. 

Late nights will happen. Caffeine will be needed. Do yourself a favor and buy a french press so you can brew coffee whenever you need.

I’ve taken the liberty of finding an amazon link for one: 

Feel free to shop around though. 

You’re welcome. Now you are armed and ready for any all-nighters that might happen during finals. 

2. Library floor naps are totally acceptable. 

If it feels like your brain is about to crack, or you’re about to fall asleep, feel no shame in taking a nap on the library floor. In fact, I would recommend it. The floor is surprisingly comfortable and cozy, especially if you go near one of the heaters. Maybe even bring a blanket. 

3. Friends. 

No, not the show, although it is totally acceptable to take a break and binge watch some Friends episodes if that’s what you need. 

What I mean is your real life human people whose company you most enjoy. Keep them close for moral support, because chances are you are seriously going to need it at some point. Just a little bit of encouragement from a friend could just be the boost you need to finish that last paragraph.  

4. P.R.T 

Also known as the Positive Reinforcement Theory as developed by yours truly. Basically, it’s the extremely scientific theory that positively rewarding oneself after a success will better encourage overall productivity. (Nobel Peace Prize, here I come)

Begin by creating a small goal, such as finishing writing a paragraph, or reading a chapter, and stick to it. Once you’ve completed your goal, let yourself have a reward, whether that be in the form of chocolate, five minutes on BuzzFeed, or watching a funny cat video. Whatever it may be just:

Now, there is a fine line between following  P.R.T and procrastination, so just be cautious. Don’t do that thing where you go on BuzzFeed and then twelve quizzes later you realize you still have six pages to finish writing. 

Just set attainable goals, and once you feel you’ve achieved enough quality work, allow yourself a little five minute distraction. You’d be amazed at how taking a few small breaks to do whatever you please helps to encourage productivity. Celebrate those small victories! With cat videos!

5. Sweatpants

During the crunch time of finals, no one has time to worry about if they look good. So don’t fret about rocking out some sweatpants,because they are cozy, comfortable and lovely in every way.  Just what you need in these stressful times. How cool would it be to have sweatpants for your brain? But since that’s impossible (for now anyway…I’m looking at you science), just enjoy the beautiful comfort of a pair of sweats. 


This one is kind of a no brainer, but I figured I’d put it in here anyway. Having some nice snacks while studying is always nice. Not only can they help you focus, but snacks are also great because they can hep fill the void in your soul that’s created during finals time. 

 I personally recommend dried mango strips because they are amazing and delicious. Also, chocolate. 

7.Yay outdoors!

As soon as you feel the library slowly sucking the remnants of your soul away, take a break. Go walk outside. Commune with nature. We’re Green Mountain College after all. A little outside time can do a world of good and help get your brain back on track.

8. The early bird catches the worm

Not to sound like too much of a nagging parent, but the sooner you can get started on things, the better. I don’t really have to tell you that, because we all know this. We all understand this to be true. And yet, we almost always find ourselves with only two days left to complete a massive paper. Procrastination is programmed into every college students brain, we can’t really help it. (That is a real fact) 

BUT, if you have the time to start something early DO IT, your future self will be so grateful to past you. 

9. Tunes

Nothing is better than your favorite music to get you in the zone to do some studying or paper writing. Get together a playlist that will inspire deep focus, get you psyched for an exam, or help once you’ve had the inevitable brain crack.

For some inspiration, I’ve put together a small playlist:

All I Do Is Cry, Etta James (because it’s finals time…)

Born To Die, Lana Del Rey (again..finals. Ya know)

Blank Space, Taylor Swift (for the one question you can’t answer on your test….also because it’s been stuck in my head for the past three weeks)

Eye of the Tiger, Survivor (because duh. An excellent pump up jam)

Wannabe, Spice Girls (because seriously, who doesn’t like to get down to this song?)

Hold On, Wilson Philips (Having an total full on lip-syncing jam sesh before attempting any work will make you believe you can attain anything. Trust me. I’m an expert.)

At Last, Etta James (for when you finally finish your work)

10. YDY

Or, as the great Tyler Oakley once said, “You do you”. Whatever study tactics work for you, follow them! You know what works best for yourself personally, so do that! 

And just know that finals will be over soon, and before you know it, it’ll be break time. 


So good luck to all you lovely humans and just remember:

You got this dude 🙂







7 thoughts on “Annie’s Super Helpful Tips For Surviving Finals

  1. Haha those gifs! What is the one with the blonde lady swinging her hair back and forth from? I cant place it but it looks so familiar. Thanks for the tips. They are were an awesome help.


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