Lan Tran’s A Delicate Balance Project

     By: Matthias Baudinet
     On December 3rd, Lan Tran 14′ held her Delicate project called: 3 Minute Presentation, A Celebration of Student Research. The research presentations were held in the East Room and had a judging panel composed of Dr. Jen Sellers, Dr. Meriel Brooks, Dr. Matthew Osborn, and Dr. Gordon Knight. The project was supported by a grant from the ELA Council at Green Mountain College. Lan’s project aimed to present student research to a wider audience. A lot of times at GMC specific classes hold research presentation that are only attended by students in the class. Lan believes it is important to have such important research be seen by students from other disciplines. This will help create an interdisciplinary academic environment at the college.
     The project was a competition for students to present a previous or current research project or research paper in three minutes in language appropriate to a general, non-specialist audience. This made the competition a challenge for the participants. In academic study, a research project is bound to have jargon specific to that field. But, Lan’s Delicate project challenged students to not only use language that non-specialist students and people  could grasp, but to do it in three minutes. 
     The participants could only have a one-slide presentation with no animations, transitions, or props. One winner was selected by the judging panel based on specific criteria, while another winner was to be selected by the audience. The participants and the title of their research presentation are listed below:
Joshua Klavens
   A Vanguard for Bats
Titania Green
    Race in Contemporary U.S. Society
Krista Shugart
    Reproductive Justice: Abortion Access in America 
Tung Dang
    Uncertainty and Climate Change Negotiation: Suggestions from a Laboratory-Controlled Economic               Experiment
Codie Tedford
    Why I’m Against Marriage Equality
Peyton Jones
    How the Federal Government is Failing Us Within the Context of Climate Change
Matthias Baudinet
    Through the Eyes of an Infantryman: André Étienne Baudinet and the Battle of Verdun
      The project was successful in attracting a large crowd that seemed genuinely interested in the information being presented to them. The judging panel asked thorough and relevant questions that produced more information that helped the audience get a good feel for significance of the research.
     The judging panel’s winner was Peyton Jones with her research project “How the Federal Government is Failing Us Within the Context of Climate Change.” 
     In regards to the People’s Choice Winner, there was a tie. Matthias Baudinet (Through the Eyes of an Infantryman: André Étienne Baudinet and the Battle of Verdun) and Titania Green (Race in Contemporary U.S. Society) came out on top for the People’s choice first place. Though the winners got a gift-certificate of a higher amount, each participant was awarded one. This type of event should be one that happens regularly in order to increase awareness of student research projects.

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