My Last Semester

By: Matthias Baudinet

     Since the fall of 2011 I have been part of the GMC family. I still remember applying to Green Mountain College in the fall of 2010. All the hustle and bustle of getting letters of recommendation, constructing your resume, sending your SAT scores, and writing the personal statement essay all make the college-application process a memorable part of one’s life–especially my life. The day that I submitted my application was the first step to a new chapter in my life. 

     Coming to Green Mountain College changed my life significantly. Before being a student there I was not an environmentally conscious person. I had the typical mindset of an ordinary, privileged, upper-class, conservative, young French citizen. My primary Roman Catholic education did not provide me with the tools to understand today’s problems–both environmental and political. Though I am very proud of my upbringing, my heritage, my culture, and my religion, they did not include a strong environmental education.  

     Since my 7 semesters at Green Mountain College I have developed into a well-rounded young individual with the tools and skill set to make a difference in the world. That is the beauty of a Green Mountain education. Professors at GMC do a great job at providing knowledge on environmentalism, environmental justice, environmental policy, and environmental racism. By learning that knowledge students have the potential to educate others and make rational decisions when it comes to elections. 

     The GMC community has the power to make one feel at home. To me, since my freshman year I have felt welcomed and appreciated at Green Mountain. The community is one that is openly friendly and open-minded which makes all sorts of people feel like they have a second home in Poultney, Vermont. The small town complements GMC’s small campus. The tight-knit GMC community fosters an academic environment that pushes students to beyond their limits. 

     Spring 2015 is my last semester at Green Mountain College. After almost four years in Vermont I have had the time of my life. I have pursued academic endeavors that interest me, I met fascinating people, made great friends, and saw great places. I experienced harsh, cold Vermont winters, and the beauty of springtime in New England. I spent hours in the Griswold library while I read and studied, and watched the trees slip into autumn. 

     In May I will graduate and start another chapter in my life. I am most excited about this coming semester. Not only because of the classes I will be taking, but also because I want to make the most of this last brief period at GMC. Though I will be sad when I leave Green Mountain College, I am also happy that I will become fully dependent and a contributing citizen to society. Green Mountain College has prepared me for many things. The education that I received will help me greatly in becoming the gentleman that I want to be.  


7 thoughts on “My Last Semester

  1. Best wishes for your last semester at Green Mountain College. Our family has enjoyed getting to know you and show you a bit of New England! Cheers!


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