A day in the life of Perry’s : By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Perry’s Diner lies directly in the center of Main St. in Poultney, Vermont. It is a small but quaint diner with a homey feel and delicious smell. It is the place where many GMC students come for breakfast or brunch and to catch up with friends or do their schoolwork. With affordable prices and yummy food, it is the place I come when I’m craving a breakfast sandwich and some non Green Mountain coffee. I come for breakfast dates with friends and to get off campus for an hour or two.

Perry’s, like most good diners, harbors a family-like feeling of warmth and positivity and always offers welcoming waitresses and busy happy chatter in the kitchen just beyond the swinging doors. Often, when visiting, you’ll meet other students or Poultney residents. It’s definitely a must visit place for any Green Mountainer. 

When looking online, there are countless positive reviews! This one in particular caught my eye: “This place made the overall best breakfast I have had out in a long time.  My egg was cooked perfectly.  This never happens so I was stunned and very pleased!  The fried potatoes were made in house from scratch and not those horrid frozen ones encountered almost everywhere these days.  The bacon was tasty.  The toast was yummy and made from bread they bake in house.  Cabot butter was available on the table.  I have no complaints other than it was a little smokey from the kitchen-but hey that was probably because they were actually cooking rather than warming things up in the microwave.  I’d be here all the time if it was near my home!”

Don’t miss the opportunity to go visit Perrys! You won’t regret it 🙂


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