Stone Valley Community Market

By: Krista Lee

A central part of Poultney’s Main Street is the local co-op, a community owned market open 7 days a week. Stone Valley works to get as much local produce and local products as possible and does that by supporting local farmers and small business owners. 

Among the farms that the co-op sources are Foggy Meadow Farm, Dutchess Farm, Killpatrick Family Farm, Laughing Child Farm, Two Dogs Farm, and Pine Woods Farm. The co-op has locally sourced vegetables, meat, and eggs from the farms along with others. 

Baked goods are a treat that many people get excited about buying from our community market. On Fridays, Stone Valley gets baked goods from The Bakery and on Saturdays Rebecca’s Kitchen (Poultney small business!) delivers her baked goods to the co-op. 

The Stone Valley Market is run by seven cooperative identities: Voluntary and Open Membership, Democratic Member Control, Member Economic Participation, Autonomy and Independence, Education Training and Information, Cooperation among Cooperatives, and Concern for the Community. 

The Stone Valley Community Market was founded in 2011 and “was established by a dedicated group of area residents who believed that a locally owned food store would improve the quality of life in our community.” And it most certainly has.

Check them out any day of the week to learn more information and experience the wonderful community market on your own!

Make sure to “like” Stone Valley Community Market on facebook for more information or their website at

~Photos by Natalie House~


2 thoughts on “Stone Valley Community Market

  1. We appreciate the glowing report! We love the passionate energy that GMC students bring to our shared community we call Poultney. We look forward to bringing you tasty locally grown and produced food, fair-trade and fairly sourced natural and organic products. Coops build a better world!


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