Preparing to Eco-League

By: Natalie House

I’m getting ready to Eco-League next fall to Dickinson College, the newest edition to the Eco-League Exchange network. Since coming to GMC as a freshman, I’ve been interested in this program – I want to experience another undergraduate environment and share what I’ve learned here at GMC with other students in a classroom setting. With my undergraduate career coming to a close, the time feels right to leave Vermont and spend my final semester in Pennsylvania!

Dickinson College is located in Carlisle, PA, and is about 2 hours away from D.C., which is where I’d like to find a job after graduation. The school is about 4 times as big as Green Mountain, which will be a nice change.

Due to the larger population, more courses are offered to choose from. I’m interested in the Community Studies program because I want to work with urban communities doing hands on work (probably gardening and workshop facilitation) as well as cinematography work. For this reason, a course of particular interest to me at Dickinson is Community Studies: Documentary Film Production.

Another great benefit of the larger student population is the increase in available opportunites. Dickinson has a student-run radio, which is another interest of mine. If I could change one thing about GMC, it would be to create a consistent student media network. I love the idea of compiling information on a digital and fun medium for a campus community.

Like GMC, Dickinson has a college farm and is surrounded by local farms in the area. In and around Carlisle are plenty of hiking trails and places to explore.

While I’m proud to call GMC home, I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a student elsewhere for awhile. I chose Dickinson for a number of reasons – the main one being it’s proximity to home and D.C., but each of the Eco-League schools appeals to me.

For those who want to learn more about the program, here is the official website:


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