Vermont Fracked Gas Pipeline

by Krista Lee

Phase Two has been defeated?? What??

Yes, it is true.

Through the people-powered organizing of the folks of Vermont, Rising Tide Vermont, 350 Vermont, and Just Power (and the 35+ million dollar cost increase)…International Paper, the multinational paper company has revoked their funding for the second phase of the pipeline project. Phase 2 of the pipeline has been defeated! That makes for some time for celebration.

There will be a rally in Burlington on Wednesday and a rally in Rutland on Saturday to stand against the pipeline in the proposed Phase One and Phase Three of the pipeline expansion project. Vermont is really coming together to put an end to this pipeline once and for all. While Gov. Shumlin and the Public Service Board continue to support corporate interests, the power of the people will resist this project until it is defeated completely, in all phases of the pipeline.

Cornwall resident and impacted landowner Mary Martin said, “Today’s announcement is the culmination of years of conversations with neighbors and making our voices heard. While we’re relieved that Phase II is cancelled, we can’t stand idly by and watch our neighbors in Monkton and other towns who are fighting Phase I. Today we’re celebrating, but our fight is not over until the whole project is cancelled. If the costs are too high for International Paper, then they’re too high for the state of Vermont.”



“Today’s announcement is a victory for grassroots organizing and our growing people’s movement in Vermont,” said Sara Mehalick, a volunteer organizer with Rising Tide Vermont. “From workers’ rights to migrant justice, and human rights to climate justice, today’s decision reaffirms that social movements have the power to change what’s politically possible.”……


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