“Life, the Universe, and Everything” by: Margot Surr

By: Matthias Baudinet

      On the 6th of February 2015 Margot Surr had her expansive senior art show in the William Feick Art Center here on campus. I have know Margot since my freshman year of college–fall 2011. Though her skills and talents as an artist have always blown me away, I have never been blown away like I was the night of her opening reception.

     Her work really exhibited the variety of media that she explores as an artist. Just in one reception there were so many different kinds and types of pieces and works of art that she displayed. It almost seemed as if there was no way she could be so talented using so many different mediums. But, the truth is that she really is that talented. She represents the type of artist that we have here at Green Mountain College; an artist that always seeks to expand their horizons and always willing to venture into the unknown.

     Her reception was very well attended. Throughout the entire evening students, staff, faculty, and others kept pouring into the Feick to catch a glimpse of Margot’s work. Some of her work was on sale, and some of her work did indeed get purchased.

     Her reception did have the usual wine, cheese, fruit, and crackers available for the viewers. The work that she displayed included oil paintings, multimedia sculpture, photography, and a collage piece. If you know Margot, you know that she is very humble, kind, and at the same time silly. Her personality was felt throughout the Feick during her reception. The atmosphere that she and her work gave off provided an ideal setting to appreciate art, talk, mingle, drink a glass of wine, and admire her art some more.

     Her work is stillon display art the Feick Art Center. It will be there, available for viewing until the 15th of February. If you have not seen her work yet I recommed you to go! Like me, you will be blown away! 


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