Horse Amour- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Over the past few years, Green Mountain College has been in partnership with Horse Amour, a local horse farm about a 20 minute drive off of campus. This farm, run by the incredible Sue Cook, is the location in which the GMC Equestrian club goes for lessons, as well as the 1 credit horseback riding class offered through the registrars office. After previously riding with the club, this semester I had the chance to sign up for the actual course! The additional charge of $280 for the semester is an unbelievable deal for riding lessons, because ultimately it means you are paying roughly $20 per lesson, which is almost impossible to find anywhere in relation to horse lessons. 

I am currently taking this class with four other students every Wednesday afternoon and I can truly say it is one of the main things I look forward to each week. Horse Amour is a beautiful farm with both outdoor and indoor barns / coralles. The horses have a lot of freedom/ability to roam around and it is evident by how happy each of them seem. 

Personally, I’m a beginning rider but I feel so comfortable with asking questions and better understanding everything we are learning there with the help of Sue, who is very approachable. Sue is an incredible woman, a horse whisperer I would say, who has been riding her whole life and the owner of the space for many years. Her daughter works with her to give lessons to an assortment of people, ranging from very young ages to older. Not only is she incredibly perceptive with the behavior of horses, but she is also so knoweledgeable about their existence throughout history. 

I highly reccomend taking this class to anyone who would claim an appreciation of horses! It’s the best way you could possibly spend your upcoming Wednesdays as a GMC student.

For further information contact Sue Cook at !!!


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