Spring Break in Woodstock NY – By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

This spring break I decided to spend time back at home in the town of Woodstock, NY. While it’s stayed fairly cold (no Florida if you know what I mean), I have had the opportunity to spend some good time alone, catching up on reading and cooking yummy food. I’ve had the time to finally look over the script of one of GMC’s upcoming short plays I was cast in as well as study up on the history of Kenya for GMC’s Model United Nations conference being held in NYC in two weeks. I’ve had time to sleep, watch movies and talk with my mom, go to pilates and really begin feeling rejuvinated.

I’ve also had the chance to visit friends at their colleges closer to my home, SUNY New Paltz and Bard, and catch up on their lives and what’s going on their schools. It’s fun to check out the scenes at these other places and experience different venues and crowds. 

I’ve also had the chance to begin looking throuh the compiled records that my mom has created of our family’s history, through boxes of old photographs and tons of home videos. I’m lucky that my mom documented so much of my life growing up.


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    thanks for the nice post


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