GMC Sophomore Annie Tuthill- By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

For this blog, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a Green Mountain College sophomore and my fellow colleague on the social media team, Annie Tuthill.

I decided to interview Annie about the story that led to her decision to come to GMC.

Seraphina: Annie, Why did you come to Green Mountain College?

Annie: Well, I was looking into coming to school in Vermont and I was deciding between UVM and GMC, but GMC had an amazing sustainable agriculture program and they were willing to help me with financial aid. I actually came to visit the day before classes started and I was super anxious, but they helped me relax and make me feel at home and I felt comfortable here right away. It was cool. They gave me a t-shirt and everything. I’d actually applied and had taken a gap year but GMC was always in the back of my mind.

Seraphina: How did you hear about GMC?

Annie: Well, my friend Madi Zeek actually told me about it. We went to high school together in Jamestown, Rhode Island. She told me all about the farm on campus and that made me really excited. I’m currently undecided but I’m heavily leaning toward ‘Sustainable Agriculture’. Well that’s actually not true, I want to design my own major that comes agriculture, film-making and media. I want to make films about what’s going on relating to environmental issues. And I love farms.

Seraphina: That’s awesome! Are you working on any films right now?

Annie: Well, as you know, I actually work for the Green Mountain College social media team and I get to make lots of fun videos about things happening on campus. I just made a video about the new baby goats that were born on the Cerridwen farm.

Seraphina: What advice would you give to a student about whether or not they were going to come to Green Mountain?  

 Annie: I would tell them to think about what kind of college experience they’re going to want, and if they like a sort of small community feel where you can get to really know everyone and interact then choose Green Mountain!

 During her spare time, Annie is a kite-skiier! Go start up a conversation with her to find out more! 



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