Darkmatter comes to GMC!

By: Natalie House

This Saturday at 9 PM in the Gorge, Darkmatter, a trans south asian performance art duo, is coming to GMC as part of their “It Gets Bitter” tour. The title is commentary from a marginalized perspective in reference to the saying queer youth are often told that things “get better.”

Prior to their performance, they will also be hosting a workshop at 5 PM in the Gorge called “Protect me from what I want: a workshop on race, capitalism, and desire.” The workshop serves to make “a space for both people of color and white folks to interrogate how our desires are informed by power, and to consider how to build genders and sexualities that challenge white supremacy and imperialism.”

The two – Alok and Janani, met while students at Stanford University, and realized how similar their lived experiences were. In their words: “We were two brown sad queers trying to make sense of ourselves in both queer communities and south asian communities that erased our identities.”

Alok and Janani began performing at college slam poetry events, and then decided to go on tour after graduation. The name Darkmatter is highly political – the two explain that “darkmatter and darkenergy collectively comprise 96% of the universe, but you can’t see or understand them, except in their effects. we think of our work as politically doing the same–evincing phenomena otherwise understood in their effects. we also think challenging the ways we think about space/time/matter is key to dismantling systems of oppression.”

Check out their instagram and youtube pages!

A photo posted by DarkMatter (@darkmatterpoetry) on Mar 20, 2015 at 8:24am PDT



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