Lauren Ainsworth: “Why did I come to GMC?”

By: Matthias Baudinet

       -“I decided to come to Green Mountain College for a number of reasons. I went to an agricultural high school Massachusetts where I studied forestry and natural resource management. When it came time to apply colleges I wanted to knew that I’d be looking at schools that cared about not only the environment, but a well grounded academic institution as well. 

         The first time I came to GMC it was a beautiful day in early fall. Our tour guide was super informative and kind, they even let my dog come on the tour too! GMC not only had that small school close knit community that I was looking for but it also had a variety of programs that appealed to me as well. More then anything though, I think the strongest reason for coming to GMC was the people themselves. From the moment I stepped on campus for a tour, then later moving in Freshman year everyone made an effort to say hello, to welcome me and ask me if I needed anything. I had toured and applied to other schools as well, but none of them were as outwardly friendly as GMC. There wasn’t as much inherit personality in the other schools. Not only was GMC a beautiful campus, small and personable, but it was also so open. 
         I got to meet with faculty, all of whom were genuinely interested in what I wanted to do. During our first Images of Nature class, we took a field trip to Philip Ackermen-Liest’s homestead and farm. I remember sitting on the ground with my paper bag lunch, looking out past  the cows and fields watching the sun set over the green mountains while Philip explained his passion for farming. At what other school would I be at my professors homestead, eating dinner in my barefeet watching the sunset. I smiled, it was at that moment I knew I had come to the right place.” 


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