Student Senate Elections

By: Matthias Baudinet

         From April 6th to April 8th the Spring 2015 Student Senate elections took place. There were only 8 qualified candidates that officially announced their candidature for a position on the 2015-2016 Student Senate. There were only two positions where there was a contested race between multiple candidates. The race for the presidency was contested by the Incumbent, Jude Erondu, and the two challengers–Antoine Lucic and Alexander Krasutsky. The other contested race was for the position of Director of Civic Engagement between Salima Mahamoudou and Darnell Davis.

       During those three election days, the campaigning period was also going on. It was really great to see students actually get involved in the campaigning period. Many students spread the message around campus that these elections were very important. During the Presidential Talk in Chartwells on April 6th, many students came to eat dinner in the dining hall simply to listen to the three presidential candidates talk about their visions and plans if they get elected into office. Additionally, the Senate paid for any GMC student that was off the meal plan to eat for free in Chartwells during the Presidential Talk. 

      During the Presidential Talk many students asked different questions to all three of the presidential candidates in order to know more about each candidates view points. This was a crucial process in letting students figure out which candidate represented them more. The talk lasted about 30-35 minutes and it seemed to have work because right after the debate there were many students who sent in their vote according to the Student Senate Election Committee. 

      On April 8th at 11:59pm the polls closed and the voting period was over. Being part of the Student Senate Election Committee, I was one of the many persons in charge of counting the votes, and also announcing the winners to the campus. After carefully counting the votes multiple times it was clear who the winners were:

           For the presidency, Antoine Lucic won. For the Vice-Presidency, Seraphina Mallon-Breiman won uncontested. Allan Michel Jales Coutinho won the Treasury also in an uncontested race. Salima Mahamoudou won the race for the Director of Civic Engagement position against Darnell Davis, and Madi Zeek won the uncontested race for the position of Senior Representative. 

         I thank everyone that voted and participated in these elections!



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