Congratulate Susanne Claxton!

By: Natalie House

Susanne Claxton is a well-loved faculty member on campus. Her class “Body & Being” is very popular among students because it incorporates belly dance with philospohical lecture. The class was created by Susanne soon after she started teaching in the fall of 2008, and is the first course of its kind in the nation. She also frequently teaches Environmental Ethics, Existentialism, and other topic-specific philosophy classes.

Recently, Susanne completed her PhD degree in Philosophy after working on her dissertation for 9 years. Though the process was long, she is overjoyed to be working with like-minded people in the philosophy field, including her advisor at the University of New Mexico. Her dissertation will be adapted for book publication this summer.

Susanne loves to teach – her favorite area of study is Environmental Ethics, which is an ELA elective. Susanne is a truly inspiring and intelligent professor, as well as dance instructor. All students are encouraged to try belly dance every Tuesday night in the Bogue Movement studio!


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  2. rick says:

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