Eleanor Tison & The Social Justice Film Series

by Krista Lee
Eleanor Tison is a professor for the Sociology/Anthropology and Sustainable Agriculture Program here at GMC as well as a loved and active community member of Poultney. This semester as an extension of the Food Justice class she is teaching, Eleanor created a Food Justice Documentary Film Series that happens every other week for the entire semester. The films that have been chosen are content-related to the Food Justice class, for example when “A Place At The Table” was shown the class was discussing and reading about food access. The films that have been shown thus far have been: A Place At The Table, The Garden, Fed Up, Growing Cities, Ingredients, and Food Chains. 

The Film Series is open the the campus and students from outside of the Food Justice class have attended the screenings and the discussion following the films. The thought and purpose behind this series is to go deeper into the issues and supplementing the analytic side and lectures with personal stories, interviews, and a more sociological focus to help people better understand and retain the information on these important topics. Eleanor believes that film is an important medium that really affects and teaches people on topics that affect the lives of people every single day. 

The last film of the semester will be shown on Tuesday May 5th at 8pm in the East Room with a Potluck happening as well. The film is yet to be announced…but it is sure to be a great one and I would recommend you coming out and bringing a dish!



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