GMC Clubs: Coalition for Students of Color

      by Jenna Ring

  Last winter at GMC two current students Alex Ruffins 17’ and Corey Fletcher 16’ joined together to form a new club on campus. The club is called Coalition for Students of Color and is now active in its second semester. The club formed due to the idea that students, professors and,  the general community need to be educated on things relating to students on color on campus. Though the club is open to all races and strongly encourages everyone to participate. It is also intended to be a safe place for people of color. Allowing people to feel comfortable to speak out and, share their stories and experiences.

            Last semester I was not able to participate in CSC because I chose to take time off from GMC. However returning this fall as a first semester junior I thrilled to now be a part of CSC. Meetings are held every other Sunday at 7 p.m. in the Gorge. We recently had our first meeting. Where we discussed problems we’ve witnessed or been a part of in the community. We also discussed how to positively provide knowledge to unaware or uninformed people around us. Along with our own person goals and our goals for the club and, possible events CSC will potentially host and hold in the future.

             I am thrilled to introduce to CSC. This semester we have many eager and excited members and always encourage more people to stop by to the meetings. Great conversation is always a plus and there is a big possibility you might learn something new and make new friends!



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