KCP (Kids Creating Peace) Summer Internship in Israel

By: Seraphina Mallon-Breiman 

This past summer I had the opportunity to work with KCP: Kids Creating Peace (KCP) is a non-profit organization which provides spiritual educational programs to manage internal and societal conflicts, based upon the universal principles of Kabbalah and combined with modern educational methods.

Kids Creating Peace offers a variety of educational programs to children and youth regardless of race, religion or ethnicity that manages internal and societal conflicts. KCP is a member of the International Spirituality for Kids organization which has been offering life skills for children and teenagers for about ten years now. Their programs are aimed at helping students grow to become responsible adults who are involved in their community and capable of making better choices that match their expectations and goals within life. KCP is active on all levels of the community, not only amongst children and youth, but also amongst parents, educators and opinion leaders in the community. KCP endeavors to impact a broad variety of social sectors and socioeconomic levels. 

I’d met the staff of KCP through my previous summer internship working at the UN as the artistic director for a different NGO. But this summer right outside of Netanya in Israel, my role was to help facilitate their annual camp- geared mainly toward generating an event that would surround pure enjoyment and fun instead of heated political discussion and workshop. I was working as the dance instructor for the 50 Israeli and 50 Palestinian teens that were in attendance.This experience brought me to the topic of conflict and borders in an entirely new setting, one in which I was the only American present. Everything took three times as long to translate from Hebrew to Arabic to English and then through to movement. Not to mention, we were working in Israel during a heat wave that broke historical records and didn’t have air conditioning.

This experience was one of the most challenging I have encountered yet- but also pushed me to grow immensely, which I am realizing in new ways each day. I feel priveledged to have engaged in the artistic performance that we put on at the end of the camp, along with two of my co-workers Thierry, from London (who ran music) and Maya, from Jerusalem (who ran the theatrical bits). Each day I think about this part of my global community and miss the individuals on my team- as well as the unbelievable teenagers involved, some who were risking their safety to be there.

If you’re further interested in researching KCP, you can check out or contact: 




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