Alumni Art Show

    by Jenna Ring
This past weekend Green Mountain College hosted alumni and family weekend. Which is awesome because that meant that alumni of GMC got to show case their art work! As somebody that studies art at GMC I always look forward to the new art exhibits in Surdam and The Feick. It really helps myself and other artist on campus as well find inspiration and drive to create. Not to mention its super neat to observe the talent and skill of past students at GMC.
  Being a junior now it was nice to be able to see some GMC alum that were once classmates of mine and, see what they are up to now. All different mediums were displayed. There was a wide range of photography which personally was my favorite. Along with paintings, prints, ceramics and, mixed media sculptures. There was a wide variety of people that showed up too which was wonderful. At the end of the show the Green Mountain College Choir preformed. They did a fantastic job! 
  I felt very tied to the community this past weekend. More so than I have in a while at GMC. I think being able to directly connect to others that share a passion with you is extremely valuable. Though I’ve attended alumni art shows at GMC in past years, this one has had the most impact on me. I think a lot of that does come with time. Seeing as I’m now a junior I’ve developed connections with past students here. Verse being an under class-men and the likeliness of me knowing many alum was rare. 
Here at Green Mountain College we strive for a deep sense of community. When I first starting attending school here I had a very blank understanding of what that meant. However with events like these were you have the ability to indulge and explore, I feel as though my sense of community has been shaped. 
Happy October everybody! 



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