Roberto Lugo at The Ferrin Gallery



 by Jenna Ring

   This past Friday three classes from the art department from Green Mountain College ventured out to North Adams, Massachusetts. Home of two contemporary art museums. Mass Moca and The Ferrin Gallery. Mass Moca welcomed a large and eclectic group of art. Featuring all mediums you can dream have heavily focused in installation pieces.  Some featured artist this season there are Sol Lewitt and Jim Shaw.

            However my favorite of all exhibits I saw was in the neighboring gallery. The Ferrin Gallery.  Artist Roberto Lugo’s exhibit titled Ghetto Garnisher: Wutang Worcester. Lugo focuses mainly on ceramics. Making mugs, teapots and other functional items. Glazing them with fine china glaze then drawing them and shifting them. His pieces are heavy filled with social commentary. And he executes his activism through out his work.

            Roberto Lugo focus a lot of police brutality, racism, people of color in the media and what it means to live in America as a person of color. Lugo is originally from Philadelphia, PA and is of Puerto Rican decent. However he has traded in his city life style and has become a fellow Vermonter. Currently one of the newest art professors at Marlborough College.  If you’re interested in art and or social justice I highly recommend checking out Roberto Lugo’s art.  Or if you’re curious in just learning more and expanding your mind it’s a good resource to! Though I’ve shared pictures in this post I will say seeing his work in person defiantly does a lot justice for his work.

            Being able to travel to Mass Moca this past week was an incredibly opportunity and inspiration to improve my own artwork. Though Poultney and Green Mountain College are wonderful places, it is nice to occasionally venture outside of our community and link onto another one.  Gaining and spreading ideas and inspiration. Happy monday to all! Enjoy the weather while you can. Keep warm! 


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