Turning Model UN into A Delicate Balance

By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Hello! I am writing about a new project I am working on. This semester I am a senior at GMC so I am taking the last core ELA class known as A Delicate Balance. This class’s fundamental goal is to allow upper level students to take initiative on campus and generate projects that would help the GMC as well as Poultney community. As I am also working as the Head Delegate of the club Model UN, I decided to bring these two experiences together into one project.

This project’s goal is to combine the workshops and support that Model UN supplies academically and socially to living within a complicated and competitive world to the greater community of Green Mountain College and Poultney. This club generally attracts a collegiate and academically driven crowd of students who strive to know more about the political world, however; it fails to be inclusive of the college or community members who need help in these areas the most. This is not socially sustainable. Moving forward as project manager and President of Model UN, I am setting a goal of holding six workshops between the end of fall break and the beginning of Thanksgiving break that will be mandatory for club members but also open to the greater community. These six workshops will run consecutively over the span of six weeks on Monday evenings at 8pm. Dates of workshops are as follows: 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23. This project’s goal is to hold at least 3-5 outside participants per week from the greater community of GMC and Poultney. If 5-10 outside participants per week were in attendance, this would be ideal. 

            This project is fulfilling the need of students on campus within any year who need help regarding important college skills like public speaking, negotiation, research, logic, etc. but have not had the ability to take a full class on said topic. Without a better understanding of this information, it is almost guaranteed that a student will not do as well in relating to group projects, class presentations or research papers – all things that come up on a monthly basis within the college environment. I believe that these workshops will guarantee improvement within the academic and professional lives of any attendee. 

The projected activities for this project will result in six workshops, the

workshops will run as follows:

Oct 19- Logic

Oct 26 – Geography

Nov 2- Research and UN structures

Nov 9-  Negotiation

Nov 16 – Policy writing

Nov 23- Public speaking

Unfortunately, in this modern world, everything boils down to be somewhat political if one actually wants to generate any kind of real change. I am not good at focusing on policy writing, negotiation or knowing the rules and basic structures of things that I should revolving politics. These fields do not come naturally to me, whereas public speaking and human interaction do. However, after participating in this club as a delegate myself last year and learning about the details of these diplomatic dilemmas, I was impassioned to learn more and incorporate politics into the things I am interested in pursuing so as to increase their likelihood of success. My intention is to change the world by combining politics and performing arts to create traveling shows/performance pieces that bring awareness to global issues and help people understand things through more exciting platforms. If I can help other people, young or old, understand some of their passions more in depth through the facilitation of these political workshops, that will be a success.


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