LOGIC – Workshop Series Update

By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Last night began the Academic and Social Workshop series (that will continue for the next six weeks)! Our first presenter started us off with the topic of LOGIC and was taught by GMC professor Heather Keith.

We spent the workshop discussing things like


  • creating good arguments
  • avoiding logical fallacies (things that sound like arguments but in fact are not)
  • the structure of excellent reasoning
  • basics of deductive reasoning (ex. modus ponens/tollens, & pure hypothetical syllogism)
  • inductive reasoning (analogy, statistics, circumstantial evidence)
  • formal and informal reasoning 
  • ad hominem and taking sides 
  • argument by analogy
  • addressing subjects vs. true enlightenment within them
  • establishing the rules and grounds for debate

And finally we ended on applying what we’d learned with each other as a group! Everyone was extroidinarilly engaged in the material as well as enjoying the lay-back structure of being with each other outside of an “official” classroom setting.

We were joined by six individuals outside of the Model UN club itself, including one outside member of the Poultney community and one administrator.

We were also joined by a reporter from the Rutland Herald, Emily Cutts, who had managed to hear word of the workshops through online outreach and came to investigate what was going on. Excited by what she’d seen, Emily managed to interview a couple of people on their experience after the workshop and an article will be out in the Herald tomorrow, Wednesday October 21st! Be sure to check it out.


As both Head Delegate of Model UN and as Project Manager of this series of workshops, I’m VERY excited for the continuation of this series. I firmly believe that this series will grow to improve the social sustainability of the GMC and Poultney community and last night was an example of this emergence. Thank you very much to everyone who came out, and please come to our workshop next Monday night at 8pm on Geography! 

(photography by Eric Hudiburg)


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