Culture Isn’t a Costume


                                                        By Jenna Ring


            Halloween is one of Americas most celebrated holidays. Who doesn’t love candy and dressing up?  Halloween can be such an exciting time! Partying with ghouls and ghost. However in the past couple years some problematic issues have come up surrounding Halloween. There seems to be a common trend was culture is being worn as costume. Cultures that do not belong to the people that are wearing them and it are extremely offensive. This is a prime example of cultural appropriation. If you aren’t familiar with what cultural appropriation is, it’s when someone takes pieces of a culture that do not belong to them and wear them as a fashion statement, trend or, even sometimes a costume.

             But how is it a problem? Some people ask. That’s a great question! Cultural appropriation is a major issue for a few reasons. First off historically many people of color have been oppressed by white people. Who are most frequently the one’s frequently doing things like black face and other inappropriate and no to mention uncreative costume “ideas”. In some indigenous cultures head dresses are worn after a person has won a battle. Or accomplished something really significant. The beads that hang from their dresses and such all have a strong significant meaning that symbols something. So when a Halloween costume titled “Sexy Pocahontas” appears, it makes sense why that might be incredibly offensive.

            Halloween should be an enjoyable time for all of us. Not to mention a place where everyone should feel safe, welcome and, not offended. With being said keep in mind that themed parties such as a thug party or an Asian themed party. Aren’t the most appropriate either. But there are so many wonderful and quite clever ideas! If your curious or need some ideas, here’s some below!

  • ·         Farm animals
  • ·         Little red riding hood & the big bad wolf
  • ·         A bag of jelly beans
  • ·         Rosie the Riveter
  • ·         Bananas in Pajamas
  • ·         Cat & mouse
  • ·         Outer space
  • ·         Velma & Shaggy
  • ·         Breakfast food
  • ·         Frida Kahlo
  • ·         Silent film stars
  • ·         A Jelly fish
  • ·         Alvin and The Chipmunks
  • ·         Vincent Van Gogh


For more ideas search places like Pinterest and Tumblr! Have a spooky week everyone!



Still a little confused about cultural appropriation? Check out this sweet video!



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