Geography! – Update on Workshop Series

By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Last night’s course on Geography was the second night in a series of six social and academic workshops that I am facilitating for my Delicate Balance project here on GMC’s campus and for the greater Poultney Community. Last night the workshop participants were first lectured by Matt Osborn, History and Geography Professor as well as Head of the Honors Program at GMC. We were then led in a Geography trivia exercise for the following forty-five minutes. At the first lecture of the series, six people who were not affiliated with the Model United Nations Club attended, while yesterday four people who were not affiliated were in attendance.

Carol Linskey, a part-time instructor of history and women’s studies, said she attended the first two sessions to help get her own lectures together and share information to help her students. Linskey said she was interested because she wrote her dissertation on the United Nations. 

During the creation of these workshops, the experience as a whole has been enlightening. Generating a project within GMC’s core ELA class ‘Delicate Balance’ holds its main purpose in further facilitating community- both throughout the GMC campus as well as the residents of Poultney. While I was nervous initally about making this happen with this workshop series due to not enough people showing up or not being able to delve deeply into what I’d wanted, so far it is blooming into a reality I could not have even considered. This series is effectively bringing students, faculty and staff together to learn and appreciate each other professionally. I cannot express well enough the energy and enjoyment in our last workshop. I think it is humbling to realize how little you know in regards to such a timeless and important subject such as geography, but instead of feeling ignorant or oblivious to what one does or does not know- it is so much more helpful to spend time generating information together and joking over trivia games. This type of social gathering is one of the most positive ways to learn and simultaneously build substantial and authentic community. 



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