Imprisoned Environmentalist

By: Jenna Ring



Well what do you know Bill Mckibben and American environmentalist, author and, founder of Was arrested earlier last week in good old Burlington, Vermont. He was in jail for two days and followed another fifty-two protesters, who were arrested that day in Washington, D.C.  Mckibben stood in front of an ExxonMobil gas pump refusing service to people. Why Exxon though? You might be wondering. Bill Mckibben and others are especially mad at Exxon. That’s because they admitted to knowing for up to four decades now about climate changes and, the effects it will have on this planet. However they’ve consistently denied the existence of climate change. And continue to do so. 
The idea is that a fracked gas pipeline would be installed in Canada and finish in Texas. However the reason people are protesting is in hope that Obama will veto the bill; and with that will find a more sustainable option instead of fracking. It’s obvious that being arrested is a pretty unfortunate thing. However it somewhat worked in Bill McKibben’s favor. When protesting is done right it can be extremely powerful. Protesting not only allows us to stand up for what we believe in. But it also grants us the ability to spread the word and awareness about current issues affecting us. With the arrest came publicity and good publicity for that matter. It got other people up and active and since last week there have been multiple protests held against Exxon and the fracked pipeline all over the United States. 
Desperate times call for desperate measures which many environmental activist seem to be taking part in currently. Fracking is not only awful for the earth it’s also awful for every living thing. If you’re not that familiar with the effects of fracking and, just how invasive it is becoming in America. I highly recommend the documentary Gaslands. If you yourself stand up for environmental justice maybe it’s time to literally stand up for it! Start a local protest the impact of one person can truly spread like wildfire of knowledge and awareness. 




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